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We provide DMCA Agent services and Copyright enforcement devices to clients across the globe

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Serve DMCA Infringement Notices in minutes.

Take down copyright infringers without hassle.

Fully automated, accurate and valid notification procedure.

The service is available at no extra charge to clients of Walters Law Group*

Fight Back Against Copyright Infringement!

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") allows copyright owners to notify hosts, tube sites, and others providing services to publishers of stolen content, of the infringement and request that the stolen content be disabled, removed or discontinued by the service provider.

Enforcement with DMCA Notices is the single most efficient and cost effective way to pursue copyright infringers, without the necessity and expense of legal proceedings or often ineffective "Cease & Desist" notices. Hit the infringers where it hurts. Take away their hosting or publishing services. DMCA Notice.com makes it easy and economical.

Our law firm provides DMCA Agent services and Copyright Enforcement services to clients throughout the world. Learn more by contacting us, or reading the articles below:

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DMCANotice™ Client Testimonials

"Absolutely love it. It is easy, and extremely fast to get a DMCA notice served."

- William Wesson, Southern-Charms.com - Client of DMCANotice.com

"Awesome! I guess these things work!"

- Jack, TushyCash.com - Client of DMCANotice.com

"The streamlined and efficient interface of www.DMCANotice.com has become a refreshing departure from the normally cumbersome task of pursuing copyright violators. It has dramatically cut down on the amount of time and effort we've historically expended in protecting our copyrighted materials and resulted in a greater number of positively resolved disputes. Thanks so much for this elegant, effective, and time-saving tool."

- Chris G. - ATKCash - Client of DMCANotice.com

Take Immediate Action

Online service providers like hosts, third party billing processors, name servers, and payment gateways, must respond to DMCA Notices promptly, or risk becoming vicariously liable for infringement caused by their customers or subscribers.

Save Time And Money

The application will allow the user to generate a DMCA Notice that contains all the necessary legal statements and information required by federal law, in minutes. DMCA Notices can cause infringing content to be quickly removed from the Internet – often in a matter of days…or even hours!

Protect Your Content

DMCANotice™ solves a common cyber-theft problem encountered by publishers of creative content such as pictures, videos, music, software, or graphics. Policing the unauthorized reproduction of your expressive works has never been easier.

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Developed by Lawrence G. Walters, Esq., Internet Attorney

Inventor of the patented BirthDateVerifer™, the Quick2257® mobile app, and other technology designed for the online entertainment industry, this app streamlines the process of generating and transmitting DMCA Notices for the purpose of enforcing copyrights and taking down infringing material.


The World's First Automated Copyright Infringement Notification System

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